How to choose a facial treatment?

Choosing the right kind of facial treatment and products to best suit your skin concerns and needs can be confusing! Here at Podology we try and simplify this for you. While we are all looking for a quick fix – the truth is – as we age we really need to work on our skin health and well-being. What is your skin journey? Or more so – ‘What do you want your skin journey to be?’

How do we identify your concerns and skin needs?

Firstly we ask a lot of questions, setting the scene of your background skincare and your lifestyle. What products you’ve enjoyed using? What’s worked? What hasn’t? What you haven’t yet tried?  What do you what to achieve? What are your concerns and worries about your skin? How does it look and feel? 

We then introduce you to our 3D Visage machine – This fantastic bit of kit provides a comprehensive computerised skin analysis. We can really dig deep and identify what is going on at a microscopic level using a 26 million pixel camera. We take three images from three set angles. The high grade camera quality not only allows us to view surface indications but also shows areas of porphyrins, bacteria in the pores but It also gives us a good indication of your ‘skin age’, pigmentation levels, spots, wrinkles, skin texture, UV spots, brown spots and red areas.

Indeed, it is this skin analysis that holds us both to account – it means once you’ve begun your skin journey and you’ve had some of our treatments and used the relevant skincare routinely at home , we can retake your images and compare! But there is something else… There is a nifty little feature on our 3D visage machine… ‘Face predict’ – which generates an image of you as you would look in 10 years time ; should you not have the treatments or use the skincare!!! WHAT A GAME CHANGER!! It’s up to you if you want to see!!! 

Ok, So now we’ve had a great consultation, we’ve analysed your skin thoroughly, using amazing technology with stunning visuals and backed by accurate metrics. Your therapist will make suggestions on a treatment plan based on satisfying your concerns, budget and getting results that will get your glow back!

Let’s think about categorising your concerns and a treatment or treatment course that will suit:

  • 1. Your skin feels dirty, clogged up and you want a deep cleanse and pore purge.
  • 2. You have a sensitive skin, perhaps its tired, sallow or blotchy and you really want to soothe and balance it.
  • 3. Your skin is very dry and needs a deep moisturise.
  • 4. Your skin feels wrinkly, its sagging and you feel old. You want to hold back the years and the signs of ageing. You want to look younger, to firm, lift and plump.
  • 5. You want to prevent problems. You want to glow and be in charge of your skin and the way it ages. 


This is a no brainer! The Hydr02 facial is for you! Choose a 60 minute facial or go for the red carpet and indulge yourself and see amazing results with a 90 minute treatment! What technology it includes: 3D Hydropeel: Uses a combination of three solutions to cleanse and smooth the skin using an AHA based solution. It hydrates and nourishes the skin using RH-Oligopeptide-1 and Acetyl Hexapeptide base. Bacteria and inflamed skin are improved using a BHA solution. Vacuum action removes impurities from congested areas of skin.

pastedGraphic.pngExfoliation: Exfoliation is via a single use capsule containing citric acid and sodium bicarbonate. When combined with glycerol, a foaming effect is   created producing carbon dioxide which induces the release of oxygen from red blood cells. When oxygen is naturally released to the skin from inside the body, it results in a true oxygenation.

pastedGraphic_1.pngOxygenation: A lack of oxygen slows down cell metabolism, ages cells prematurely, reduces skin firmness and creates a dull complexion. 3D HydrO2 Facial will supply 25% oxygen and other specially selected ingredients to the upper layers of the epidermis and to increase blood flow, cell regeneration and help to minimise free radical damage. Some bacteria are unable to live in oxygen so the treatment can also have a positive effect on congestion.

pastedGraphic_2.pngHydration: After applying a hydrating mask, ultrasound technology is used over the top in order to infuse the product into the skin. Its thermal action has a stimulating effect on the blood flow and activates cell metabolism. The biochemical effects trigger a micro massage in the tissue which stimulates the formation of new collagen.

pastedGraphic_3.pngSkin Lifting: Electroporation technology momentarily creates spaces in the outer layers of the skin enabling greater absorption of specially selected products that are applied topically. Using a combination of iontophoresis and anti-gravity actions, this hand piece also produces a minor muscle contraction and lifting effect.

pastedGraphic_4.pngSkin Tightening: Tri-polar radiofrequency delivers the energy directly into the dermis, raising the temperature to between 40-42 degrees. This causes an immediate contraction of existing mature collagen fibres and stimulation of the fibroblasts which results in the production of new collagen and a lasting, firmer, healthier skin.

pastedGraphic_5.pngCryo: The ‘Cryo-facial’ is a dual modality hand piece which uses heat and cooling technology. The skin temperature is heated to 42 degrees, which dilates the pores for deeper cleansing and also creates heat shock proteins—these are chemical messengers that trigger repair mechanisms to improve elasticity and firmness of the skin. The cooling aspect, chills the skin down to 5 degrees and is used at the end of each facial to give a further tightening and helps to seal infused products into the skin.


For this a calming touch facial full of natural ingredients is the way to go! This is where Jane Scrivner 5 a day facial comes in; This touch facial is designed to repair skin to balance, nourish, hydrate & protect skin health. Repairing the barrier function and balancing the acid mantle whilst bringing nutrients into the cells of the Epidermis, Dermis and Subcutaneous layers. Each and every step is bringing the skin back to health, nourishing and repairing the skin. The products used throughout this facial are formulated to bring the skin back to strength and health, giving back flawless skin but there’s more… this treatment is a sensory treat! With a nod to ancient Chinese medicine techniques of Gua Sha, silk cocoon exfoliation and cupping. You will float out of our clinic and be ready to embrace using Jane’s products at home! Essentials are her cleansing balm and the bioluronic buzz serum – they are a must!


So here we can choose either a Hydr02, the Jane Scrivner touch facial or one of the ALLSKIN MED facials which includes light Microneedling. Lets take a look at the ALL SKIN MED facials:

ALLSKIN MED Energising and Restorative Skin Treatments supercharge, strengthen and restore the skin using a combination of intensive technologies and effective ingredients including high potency Vitamin C, A and patented growth factors.  Designed to smooth, brighten & lighten the complexion, rebuilding collagen and awaken cells at a dermal level to leave the skin hydrated and revived glowing with radiance and energy.

ALLSKIN MED The Vitamin Energiser and Dermal Rescue  These 9 step super boost skin treatments are a powerful combination of deep cleansing, resurfacing, superficial micro-needling and stimulating massage. Tailored personally to your skins needs using a bespoke combination of ALLSKIN MED active technologies to aid radiance and repair.

It’s important to develop an at home skincare routine for dry skin and the emphasis really needs to go on regular skin replenishment. We will take into account your consultation and Visage image reports. Using hydrating products regularly stabilises the skin. Your therapist will prescribe a routine for you – Which could include a super powered hyaluronic acid serum like the Jane Scrivner Bioluronic buzz! Biofermented hyaluronic acid is a natural component of skin to maintain skin’s moisture due to its affinity for water. Hyaluronic acid has a plumping, smoothing effect. This product also has Spilanthes camellia extract jointly known as ‘Buzz Button’* or the ‘Toothache Plant’ as applied topically it reduces muscle tension, smooths micro wrinkles and lines and is a natural muscle relaxant – the Spilanthol is thought to have a ‘paralysing’ effect on facial muscles, penetrating the skin and inhibiting contractions in the subcutaneous muscles – a safe, gentle, gradual ‘natures Botox’. While the White Willow (Salicylic Acid) a natural source of BHA to penetrate and exfoliate deep into the skin.


So here, we have some power packed treatments to give you that non surgical facelift! We’ve all seen in the press – Judy Murrays fabulous results from radiofrequency facial treatments and here at Podology we have Endymed which uses 3 DEEP Skin Science to heat deep within the skin where collagen is formed. This heat causes an instant lift as your existing collagen contracts, whilst triggering a heat response in your skin that stimulates fibroblasts to produce new collagen, giving you the natural, long-lasting results. The treatment stimulates rejuvenating processes in your skin, improving its overall underlying structure and hydration. Endymed is suitable for all skin types, has an excellent safety profile and there is no downtime. It is generally recommended that you follow a course of six treatments overall. Optimum results will be seen 3 months after your treatment course has finished and once the new collagen has been produced.

CONCERN 5 – PREVENT PROBLEMS while maintaining healthy skin.

This is for everyone! Establishing a great home care routine as well as having a 3-4 weekly facial treatment in clinic – is definitely recommended to maintain healthy skin. This is where skin performance can really be achieved by keeping consistency. Your therapist will get to know your skin and modify treatments and products as you go to move with your skins needs and achieve total skin fitness!

Where to start? Book any 60 minute facial and receive your consultation and 3D Visage skin analysis for free. This is a fantastic place to begin! See you soon and here’s to healthy skin and skin fitness!

Amy, Katherine and Alysha

The Podology Beauty Team