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By Ellena Morris Podology’s beauty therapist and beauty blogger @barefacedbyelle

Vitamin Energiser facial

One of my personal favourite treatments to do and to have done. This is the most intensive All Skin Med energising skin treatment, It uses the combination of intensive technologies and effective ingredients such as high potency Vitamin C and A.

This treatment includes an effective exfoliation and AHA mini peel, intensive Vitamin C infused into the skin through epidermal micro-needling, an active vitamin A rejuvenating treatment mask and stimulating facial massage. You’ll leave the treatment with a gorgeous luminous complexion and best of all there is no downtime with this treatment so it is perfect for pre-occasion prep or a cheeky treatment to have done in a spare hour.

Vitamin C is a particularly important ingredient for maintaining healthy-looking skin. Your skin cells use this vitamin to protect from external stresses such as pollution, smoking and UV rays. Vitamin C is also a main ingredient in the production of collagen within the skin.

Vitamin A which you might know more commonly as retinol also has a presence in this facial. Retinol aids cell turnover within the skin making way for new cell growth. Vitamin A works by hampering the breakdown of collagen and thickens the deeper layers of the skin where wrinkles begin to form – making it the ultimate anti-ageing ingredient.

This particular treatment is perfect for those looking to brighten the skin especially if you suffer from hyperpigmentation from sun damage or acne scarring. It is also a great anti-ageing treatment however we do offer a treatment specifically for anti-ageing called Dermal rescue which is the same treatment structure it just differs slightly in products that are used.
We advise that you have this facial every 4-6 weeks to get the best results and of course we always advise that you carry on with a skincare routine at home too.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for low maintenance but very effective facial to brighten and target those first signs of ageing then this is the one for you.

Elle x

Ellena Morris is a beauty therapist at Podology and also write her own blogposts at www.barefacedbyelle.co.uk or follow on instagram @barefacedbyelle
Ellena gives lots of fabulous information from all kinds of skincare brands and a range of prices. She simply loves skincare and its plain to see with the knowledge and advice she gives her clients. We are proud of you Ellena and the fabulous therapist and beauty blogger you are.