Your skin is the organ that comes into contact with the rest of the world. It prevents dehydration and keeps harmful microbes out. Your skin helps you feel things like heat, cold and pain. When the balance alters its time to seek help and develop a good in clinic and at home routine.

Is your skin rough and bumpy? Most of us call those pesky little bumps blocked or clogged pores. You might be surprised to learn that these bumps are actually small cysts called closed comedones. A single bump is called a comedo. A closed comedo develops when a plug of skin cells and oil becomes trapped within the hair follicle, the tunnel-like structure that hair grows from. The plug fills the follicle, causing it to swell and creating that bump you see on your skin. Some people are more likely to develop comedones than others. Closed comedones are really common during the tween and teen years. This is because when you are a pre-teen or a teenager, the skin’s sebaceous glands (also known as oil glands) speed up production. With all that extra oil, comedones are more likely to form.

Blackheads can be unsightly, but thankfully they’re easily treated, consider the following options:
HYDRO2 FACIALS 60 or 90 min

Continue Treatment At Home prescribed by your therapist using:

ALLSKINMED SKINCARE – AHA peel, Retinol is also effective way to treat.
JANE SCRIVNER SKINCARE – Cleansing balm, Skinfoliate, Pore purity.