Here at Podology, We have hit the ground running into 2022! We’ve had a lovely refurbishment of our reception area, new flooring in our treatment rooms and the decorator has done a fantastic job painting all of the clinic. Our aim with the update, was to create a very calm and professional environment for you to come and enjoy.

We understand how tough the last two years have been for everyone and we are aware that some clients have been showing signs of low mood, tenderness and social anxiety. As a team of professionals we are here to listen, to chat, and to deliver great treatments to boost your mood – we hope we have helped and continue to motivate the move towards the new normal and ease some of those anxieties.

Winter is always a tough season to navigate, but it is also a great time, to put into action – those new year resolutions. Whether that be weightloss(1), excellent foot health(2) or anti-ageing treatments and good skin health(3). Perhaps you aim to be hair free for summer, with one of our laser hair removal courses?(4).

1.Weightloss and skin tightening for the face and body.

ENDYMED BODY SHAPER – lifts, firms and tightens

This treatment uses an advanced, unique and ultra-focused radiofrequency technology, 3DEEP Skin Science, to heat deep within body skin where collagen is formed. This heat triggers a response in your skin that stimulates fibroblasts to produce new collagen, improving the underlying structure of the skin. This is what gives you the clinically proven, natural and long-lasting results in skin tightening and firming.

Patient profile:  Suitable for sagging, wrinkly skin on the arms and knees, skin laxity on the abdomen, flanks, thighs and buttocks, lifting and firming on the bottom and thighs.

Frequency: recommended 6-8 treatments over an 8-week period, you can then return for ‘top-up’ treatments to maintain and enhance the results that you have already seen. Launch date to be confirmed- keep your eyes peeled!

Downtime: No downtime

Please book a free consultation to determine price based on the body shaper area you wish to treat. 


2. Putting your foot health first in 2022.

Visit one of our team of podiatrists, who can help you put your best foot forward this year. If you are concerned about your foot health and don’t understand what the problem is – we can help to diagnose a problem and put a treatment plan in place to alleviate any symptoms you may be experiencing. But you may just want a pampering and to enjoying the feeling of walking on air as you leave our clinic! Many of you have upped your walking and exercise during the pandemic and we have seen a rise in general soft tissue injuries as well as episodes of gout and skin infections.


3.Anti-ageing treatments and good skin health treatments

Our commitment to transform skin is one of our key focuses this year. Our computerised skin analysis machine allows us to delve deep into your skin and get down to the nitty gritty. Revealing the true picture it lets us devise a plan of action of treatments and skincare for you to use at home. This doesn’t need to be expensive, we can tailor everything to your needs and budget. We have also put in a PayPal payment scheme where by you can pay for a course of treatments over three months.

Our cosmeceutical skincare range – ALLSKIN | MED has had a face lift, with new packaging and bigger sizes of your favourite products. You will find our new tester stand in our reception area with some informative leaflets and information available. Every layer of your skin has different challenges and needs which is why the ALLSKIN | MED Integral Layer System was created. The advanced technologies and ingredients featured in the ALLSKIN | MED range work synergistically while also specifically targeting layers within your skin. The Integral Layer System means that ALLSKIN | MED treats your skin cell to surface to give you the optimum results.

Amy Peirse our beauty team leader says: “Our clients have seen remarkable results since starting their ALLSKIN | MED journeys. With a combination of personalised skincare and regular, advanced in-clinic treatments, we’ve helped our clients transform their skin and boost their skin confidence.”

ALLSKIN MED – VITAMIN ENERGISING SKIN TREATMENT 50 mins £100 – Supercharge the skin using a combination of intensive technologies and effective ingredients including high potency Vitamin C and A. Designed to smooth, brighten and lighten the complexion and leave the skin glowing with radiance and energy. The most intensive ALLSKINMED energising skin treatment. Indulge yourself and your skin, with the optimum combination of exfoliating, intensive Vitamin C infused into the skin with epidermal micro-needling, followed by an activating Vitamin A, Rejuvenating Treatment Mask is then applied using a stimulating, lifting and sculpting facial massage. You’ll leave with a beautifully smooth luminous complexion – perfect for a special treat or regular skin boosters. No downtime, just great results.

ALLSKIN MED – DERMAL RESCUE SKIN TREATMENT 50 mins £100 – Strengthen, restore and revive the skin at a dermal level, rebuilding collagen and awakening cells to reinforce the skins structure. Designed to firm, smooth and rebuild the skin leaving it feeling luxuriously soft, hydrated and revived. Infuse your skin with powerful growth factors to awaken your natural regenerative processes, rebuilding collagen and strengthening the foundation of your skin. Following dual action exfoliation, epidermal micro-needling is performed to activate the skins healing response and maximise penetration of the potent growth factor serum. A repairing treatment mask is then applied using lifting, sculpting and lymphatic drainage facial massage. You’ll leave feeling utterly relaxed with firmer, smoother skin – perfect for a regular monthly skin booster to keep your skin healthy and strong. No downtime, just great results.

4. Aim to be hair free for summer with one of our laser hair removal courses 

Last summer we launched our partnership with Lynton Lasers, experts in aesthetics’ technology for over 25 years. Originating from the University of Manchester, they are a world-leading, British-based manufacturer of ultra-high specification aesthetic and surgical lasers, with a reputation for unrivalled quality.

Imagine waking up to smooth, soft skin every day. That wonderful silky feeling you get just after a wax. It’s now possible with laser hair reduction, one of the most popular aesthetic treatments in the UK. Safe, proven technology that says goodbye to painful waxing, regrowth stubble and ingrown hairs.It’s affordable too when you factor in the significant time and money you save on waxing appointments, products and shaving. We are offering a free consultation and patch test to see if you are eligible for this fantastic treatment. it certainly is proving very popular and we have had some great feedback on our treatment courses.

Enjoy SPECIAL OFFER – 20% off course prices for Lynton laser hair removal. 


We are excited for 2022 and look forward to welcome you soon to our lovely clinic in the heart of Saltburn. We think you will like the new version!

Thank you for all your support during these crazy pandemic years, we look forward to a positive future with our clients at the heart of what we do.

Laura & Team Pod xx