The signs of ageing can be quite alarming! The delicate eye area is usually the first place to show changes with skin becoming crepey. Followed by sagging skin around the cheeks and jawline, and then dreaded turkey neck!

Skin laxity usually occurs from the age of 35-40 years old when the quantity and quality of collagen starts to decline. Peri-menopausal and menopausal women not only experience reduced skin hydration, the general lack of oestrogen is involved in breaking down collagen and elastin. It is this combination of dryness and loss of collagen that leads to more prominent wrinkles and sagging skin.

Radiofrequency (RF) skin tightening is a non surgical method of tightening your skin. It involves a quick short course of treatments over an 8 week period. This stimulates collagen production by causing mild micro trauma using 3 deep energy waves to heat the dermis – the deep layer of your skin.

Studies have shown that maintaining a heat of 46 degrees for three minutes causes the body to release shock proteins. These proteins stimulate your body to create new collagen fibres. Once your treatment course is complete it will take up to 12 weeks to see the final results – once the new collagen has been produced.  Although you will be able to feel the benefits from increased hydration and improvement in the underlying structures from the very first treatment. The great news is that results are long lasting and with occasional one off treatments you can maintain the course results.

At Podology we use Endymed – radio frequency technology. This has an excellent safety profile, there is no downtime and is safe for all skin types. Its a favourite of many celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Kim Kardashian, David Beckham and Anna Kendrick.

Endymed transformations – Case Study 

Our lovely client Elaine has had a course of Endymed tighten. Treating the eyes, face and neck whilst using ALLSKIN MED home care products. She has recently had her first top up treatment and her results have been simply outstanding.Elaine is over the moon with the results!

Left image shows the beginning of Elaines Endymed journey. The Right image shows Elaine after her course is completed.

If you would like more information and the opportunity to discuss this treatment  please call us or we are hosting a taster day for Endymed on Saturday 12th of June. Taster treatments are priced at £50 which is redeemable against any course booked on the day. If you would like to book a taster treatment please call our receptionist on 01287 622280 and we will get you booked in.