3D Visage skin analysis utilises a 26 million pixel camera in order to provide the most accurate results in the industry. Here at Podology we take 3 images at 3 set positions to create a stunning view of results from all angles. The Visage produces a visual representation of pigmentation, pores, spots, brown spots, red areas and porphyrins.

The high grade camera quality not only allows us to view surface indications but shows areas of porphyrins, bacteria in the pores, at a microscopic level which also allow us to prescribe preventative treatments before the bacteria causes spots on the skins surface.

Situated in our lower ground floor – we provide an accurate, safe, and personalised skin analysis experience for each user. Our therapists will explain exactly what is going on with your skin in great detail – with the perfect level of geek! If you’ve always wondered what’s going on with your skin or have a burning question, now is the time to ask! Do you want to develop a specialised skin routine in order to address skin issues? Perhaps your aim is sun damage prevention? Or maybe you’re looking to improve the texture of your skin and avert fine lines and wrinkles? Finding out what lies beneath is a great way to underpin a new routine of both products and treatments. We can email your images and information across to you too – so you can digest all the information in your own time.




There is also a bit of a scary feature … but one that makes you stand up and accept prevention is key! The 3D Visage can also show you how you would look in ten years should you not use any treatment or skincare interventions.

This treatment is free when booking a 60 or 90 minute Hydro2 facial, ALLSKIN MED facial, EDS Microneedling, or Endymed course.