As we’ve launched our very own branded eco cleansing pads we thought we would let you know why these are so great! The idea is that these pads can be used multiple times and can be cleaned along with your normal laundry load. As a result, just one of these clever innovations can replace the need for hundreds of make-up wipes. Pretty impressive, right? These little beauties are kinder and less abrasive to your skin and will allow you to ditch those disposable cotton pads for good! All while being kinder to the environment.

They come is packs of three. Our pads are made up of gentle fibres that remain pH neutral, they effectively remove make-up (when wet) without irritating skin. Just one pad replaces 200 make-up wipes and requires zero make-up remover – just soak it under the tap and you’re good to go!

You can of course use with your favourite cleanser or remove your weekly face mask with them too! Once you make the shift across you won’t look back. There is simply no excuse for removing your make up anymore! Quick, easy, gentle and effective skincare.

5 reasons to change to Podology’s eco pads

1. REUSABLE REUSEABLE REUSEABLE – Washable eco pads can be used over and over again and can fit in your normal washing machine load.This reduces the demand for cotton products.

2. PERFECT FOR ANY SKIN TYPE – The softness of these fibres make them perfect for any skin type

3. THEY EASILY REMOVE YOUR MAKE UP – EFFORTLESSLY – no fuss or drama here – just clean make up free skin!

4. THEY ARE BETTER FOR THE ENVIRONMENT – replacing single use items is a must. They will serve you a long time!

5. YOU WILL LOVE HOW THEY FEEL – Super soft and super clean skin!