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Endymed 3 Deep Radiofrequency

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ENDYMED TIGHTEN – NON SURGICAL Facial Skin Tightening & Lifting

ENDYMED TIGHTEN uses 3 DEEP Skin Science to heat deep within the skin where collagen is formed. This heat causes an instant lift as your existing collagen contracts, whilst triggering a heat response in your skin that stimulates fibroblasts to produce new collagen, giving you the natural, long-lasting results. The treatment stimulates rejuvenating processes in your skin, improving its overall underlying structure and hydration. ENDYMED is suitable for all skin types, has an excellent safety profile and there is no downtime.

It is recommended that you follow a course of six treatments overall. Optimum results will be seen 3 months after your treatment course has finished and once the new collagen has been produced.

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ENDYMED treatments provide the solution to every skin ageing concern. From crows feet and eyelid hoods, to tired, sun-damaged skin and drooping jowls, whatever your area of concern, there’s an ENDYMED treatment for you. Each clinically proven treatment delivers truly remarkable, natural and long-lasting rejuvenation results.


How does it work?

ENDYMED is a cutting-edge, FDA approved, clinical device that uses the most sophisticated form of radiofrequency energy, 3DEEP Skin Science, to deliver treatments that target every layer of your skin. From deep within the skin, where the energy stimulates collagen production, to tighten, firm and improve your skin structure, all the way up to the skins surface, to smooth wrinkles, improve skin tone and restore radiance.

ENDYMED offers multiple treatments, using specialist hand pieces, which use radio frequency energy in different ways, to safely and effectively address specific skin ageing concerns and target your problem areas. Treatments vary in levels of intensity, so whether you’re looking for a completely pain free treatment with no down time for skin tightening and lifting or a high intensity treatment for skin with more advanced ageing and sun damage, there will be an ENDYMED treatment to suit you.

Every ENDYMED treatment stimulates your skins own natural rejuvenating processes, so the results you’ll see will not only be outstanding, but natural looking and long-lasting too. As collagen takes time to remodel and form full effects of the treatment will typically be seen after 3 months or more following your treatment course. Some treatments however also deliver short term results with an immediate lift and a healthy glow, the perfect pick-me up before a big event!

ENDYMED has been featured in top publications such as Tatler, Vogue, Marie Claire and Glamour. It’s a treatment of choice for celebrities, with fans including Kim Kardashian, David Beckham and Anna Kendrick.


Sound too good to be true? Be rest assured as ENDYMED treatments are endorsed by doctors and dermatologists worldwide, and clinical studies have revealed that 100% of patients would “definitely recommend” the treatment to a friend.

Endymed Face treatments


Multiple area course savings

FULL FACE COURSE of 6 : Face, Neck and Eyes combined Treatment £1400 

Face & Neck: course of 6- £800


Individual area course savings

iFINE delicate eye lift: course of 6 : £600

Face only: course of 6 – £600

Neck only: course of 6 – £500

Individual treatment top up

1 area £120

2 areas £180

Client review of Endymed Face, Neck and Eye course

“I cannot believe the difference this treatment has made to my skin,  It’s not only the look of it, but also the feel. The treatment itself is painless. Many thanks to Amy for her professionalism and guidance regarding after treatment support.  As always, it was a delight to deal with Podology.”



Lifts, firms and tightens

This treatment uses an advanced, unique and ultra-focused radiofrequency technology, 3DEEP Skin Science, to heat deep within body skin where collagen is formed. This heat triggers a response in your skin that stimulates fibroblasts to produce new collagen, improving the underlying structure of the skin. This is what gives you the clinically proven, natural and long-lasting results in skin tightening and firming.

Patient profile:  Suitable for sagging, wrinkly skin on the arms and knees, skin laxity on the abdomen, flanks, thighs and buttocks, lifting and firming on the bottom and thighs.

Frequency: recommended 6-8 treatments over an 8-week period, you can then return for ‘top-up’ treatments to maintain and enhance the results that you have already seen. Launch date to be confirmed- keep your eyes peeled!

Downtime: No downtime

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Body shaper guide price per area:

Book 1 area

Single Session: £120 / Course of 6: £720

Book any 2 areas together:

Single Session: £180 / Course of 6: £1080

Book any 3 areas together:

Single Session: £220 / Course of 6: £1320

Choose From:

Shaper: Arms

Shaper: Knees

Shaper: Flanks

Shaper: Abdomen

Shaper: Bottom

Shaper: Thighs front

Shaper: Thighs Back


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