noun: podiatry – the treatment of the feet and their ailments; chiropody.


Podiatry is the professional care and treatment of people’s feet. Podiatry is a more modern term for chiropody and also deals with correcting foot problems. Here at Podology we have 3 podiatrists with a wealth of experience in treating disorders of the feet. Whether it’s a thickened or distorted nails, corns, verruca, fungal infection or a soft tissue problem – we can help.

Our podiatrists have a BSc (Hons), are HCPC registered and are members of the Royal College of Podiatrists.We also carry our specialist podiatry treatments such as Nail Surgery using local anaesthetic, Swift verruca treatments and biomechanics assessments with orthotic prescription.

One of the biggest lessons we’ve learned over the last year – is the importance of looking after our feet. Many people have increased their walking activities – causing more issues with hard skin and corns and general discomfort. Many of our elderly clients have been shielding and have been more sedentary and missed appointments due to being anxious about leaving their homes after being told to stay at home.

It’s true, I think I’ve seen just about every problem I’ve dealt with over an 18 year career in the last 12 months and its made me realise what an important job us podiatrists do at preventing foot problems escalating. From infected ingrowing toenails that were once under control, to diabetics with uncontrolled blood sugars causing foot health complications to Gangrene. This pandemic certainly has taught us a lot. It’s great to see that many of our clients have had their first vaccination and indeed all of our staff have been vaccinated too. We feel very fortunate and are grateful to James Cook Hospital for their help in vaccinating our team.

If there is something bothering you regarding your feet or you are embarrassed about how they look. Please book in and let us help you transform your foot health and boost your confidence. We have some fantastic aesthetic treatments too such as toenail reconstruction and clearanail fungal nail treatment.

And remember – We put the medi in the pedi! For those of you who want the finishing touches of a pedicure – book a medical pedicure treatment and enjoy the benefits of a podiatry treatment and then the relaxing pedi by one of our team of beauty therapists. We use Prende products which are made from all natural ingredients and not only smell amazing but also have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Perfect for tired tootsies.


Here are our top tips for foot health at home

1.Wash your feet twice daily with a gentle soap or cleanser. We recommend Prende cleansing balm as it contains only natural ingredients and helps to keep the equilibrium in the skin on your feet. Which is 12 times thicker than anywhere else on your body – so it needs a special treatment!


2. Dry your feet carefully after washing them. paying attention to in between the toes. If you are aware of any tenderness or softness between the toes use Clinisept spray, this new product is gentle and efficient.


3.Apply Prende skin and nail oil to the nails and skin on the feet. Avoiding the interdigital space between the toes. This is a ‘long oil’ a little goes a long way! This oil is a power house! When used daily or at least three times a week an improvement to the quality of the nail and skin will be noted after a couple of weeks of use.


4. Once the oil has dried apply your urea based emollient cream. Choose either 10% or if your skin is extremely dry choose the 25% Ureka cream. This foot cream is extremely absorbent. When used over time the humectant effect will hold hydration in the skin for longer and stop dry cracked skin – transforming it to healthy skin.

The best time to start your routine is after a podiatry treatment when all you dry skin has been gently removed. Allowing your skin to freely absorb the key products in! 

It’s been a tough old year ! Heres looking forward to a better spring and summer in 2021 and beyond !

Laura Dicken