Podology is a podiatry and beauty clinic and we have a long history of being one of the pioneers in the medical pedicure treatment! Our medical pedicure consists of a full podiatry treatment followed by a 30 minute pedicure pampering. We use natural and hydrating Prende products that have been designed by our clinical director Laura Dicken and natural beauty guru – Jane Scrivner.

Within the podiatry element of the treatment our podiatrists will check your medication and carry out checks on your foot health and then use specialist techniques to reduce and reshape the nails, clear the sulcus and debride thickened skin and corns using scalpel techniques. You will be given great advice on how to care for your feet properly.

Our podiatrists are medically trained and registered with the HCPC. We follow strict protocols and adhere to clinical standards including disposing of sharps and clinical waste appropriately. We are able to diagnose and treat all aspect of foot problems. We also understand the biomechanics of the foot and lower limb.

“As the clinical lead at Podology its always been my aim to apply the same standards of podiatry across to our skin and beauty treatments. I ensure our staff are all trained and supervised appropriately and our standards remain consistently high. When you choose Podology you choose the highest standards of customer service and treatment.’

Laura Dicken – Clinical Director and Podiatrist, Podology Saltburn

We have seen a huge rise in beauty clinics claiming to carry out a medi pedi treatment. Some of the products used contain strong chemicals like keratolytics that breakdown the outer layers of the skin and can decrease the thickness of the skin. This class of compounds includes salicylic acids, urea, and alpha hydroxy acids such as glycolic and lactic acid. Its really important that these kind of treatments are undertaken under the guidance of a medical professional or those who understand the underlying anatomy and physiology as well as taking into account your medical history, medications and vascular status. The long term effects that using such treatments can have on your foot health as we age is concerning.

For example overuse of some of these products can, overtime, thin the skin and, because your feet are weight bearing and as we age we lose the fatty padding protecting our feet, this can actually cause a risk area of ulceration and breakdown to once healthy tissue. You should not take this for granted.

Please do your research and check your practitioner has the necessary expertise, knowledge and is insured to carry out these treatments. Throughout my 18 year career as a podiatrist, working first of all in NHS high risk clinics, and in later private practice, I have seen a wide range of extremely serious lower limb conditions which can have a significant impact on the patient’s lifestyle and even life expectancy. Foot health is something we should all value and take seriously from a young age. A podiatrist’s fundamental aim is to prevent lower limb, and life threatening, problems occurring.

COVID-19 and its effect on foot health

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic we have seen a significant increase in foot health complications for those who have been unable to access our services regularly. We are lucky to have great relationships with our local GP’s, practice nurses and the emergency foot clinic at James Cook. We have seen huge rises in infections, episodes of serious gout and uncontrolled blood sugars in diabetics. Having regular appointments with a podiatrist can prevent such problems getting out of control and we would welcome you to make an appointment at the first instance of any foot concerns.

There are many combination of foot treatments we offer to suit your needs. You can choose a podiatry treatment, or upgrade to a medi pedi . Here is a list of some of our treatments 

Initial Podiatry / Chiropody Treatment 30 min £40 A full medical history is taken (please bring a list of any medication you take). The podiatrist will discuss any foot health concerns with you. The treatment begins with a herbal foot bath. Nails are cut and filed and if necessary gently drilled (including thickened and fungal nails). Hard skin, corns and cracked heels are painlessly removed. Feet are massaged.

Routine Podiatry/ Chiropody Treatment 30 min £35 The treatment begins with a herbal footbath. Nails are cut and filled and if necessary gently drilled (including thickened and fungal nails). Hard skin, corns and cracked heels are painlessly removed. Feet are massaged.

Podiatry home visits are available to book for those that are house bound or shielding. To book this service please call 01287 622280 or email reception@podology.info

Medical pedicure 60 min £55 / Gelcolor £65 Luxury foot therapy with fully qualified podiatrist and beauty therapist. The treatment begins with a herbal footbath. Nails are cut, filed and reshaped. Cuticles are treated and reduced. Hard skin, corns and cracked heels are reduced thereby vastly improving the skins appearance. Feet and lower legs are gently exfoliated and massaged. The treatment ends with the application of Dr’s Remedy Enriched Nail Care Polish and a glossy topcoat. Gentlemen enjoy an extended massage.

This is an hour long treatment carried out by a podiatrist and completed by a beauty therapist. Therefore cannot be booked online. please call our reception team on 01287 622280 or email reception@podology.info to book this signature treatment.